Thursday, August 4, 2011

On The Road Again

Since I've been in Chicago these 6.5 years, I haven't driven much.  I have a Zipcar membership, but have only reserved a car once.  I'm probably wasting money, but love to have the option in the event I need to run a quick errand.  One of the best things about driving I miss is listening to the radio.  I don't get good radio reception at home.  While I work, I listen to Internet radio.  It really isn't the same.  I'm kind of old school.  I loved blasting my radio and letting my hair blow.  I looked cute behind the wheel of my little Neon with the sunroof open.  This feature of Thursday Thoughts will be about some of my favorite road-trip songs.  Isn't that what summer is all about?
The 1980's had some wonderful music that I still love to listen too.  During a trip to New Orleans for the 1984 World's Fair, I kept hearing Missing You by John Waite and Drive by the Cars.  Two of the great ballets to sing to in the car.  I appreciated the power of lyrics at a young age. 
My favorite road-trip song of all time came out in 1985.  My parents were taking me to Disney World for the first time.  They drove all the way from New York to Orlando.  While our little Nissan was cruising along I-95, I must have heard The Power of Love by Huey Lewis and the News over twenty times.  I know it was in the movie Back to the Future; however, I now associate this song with my Disney World trip.  Mom and I loved singing it.  We probably drove dad crazy.  Even now if I hear it on the radio or play my CD, it takes me back to that wonderful time. 
I'm not a fan of the movie The Breakfast Club.  However, I must say the soundtrack rocks.  On family road-trips to Bear Mountain, Connecticut and Eastern Long Island numerous songs were played from the soundtrack.  Ironically, I didn't see the movie until 2009. 
As I reached my early teens, mom had a secret weapon to keep the peace in the car when it came to road trips.  The three of us all loved oldies.  When we were no longer in NY/NJ and couldn't listen to 101.1 for our oldies, she hurried up and found another local station that did.  Anything by a Motown artist, Elvis, Dion & the Belmonts, Johnny Maestro and the Crest or Brooklyn Bridge, The Del Vikings and Bobby Darin kept us all happy.
My solo road-trips in 2003/4 were mainly weekend getaway trips from Northern VA to Baltimore, Richmond, Annapolis or NY.  My taste in music changed to more R&B, Pop and Dance.  I had to go more upbeat to avoid getting sleepy behind the wheel.  Lots of Beyonce (Crazy in Love), Justin Timberlake (Rock Your Body), Missy Elliott (Work It) & Outkast (Hey Ya!).  Good times!!
Last week I had a long overdue vacation to the Hampton Roads section of Virginia. My dear friend Sofia was nice enough to drive me to King & Queen CH to visit my 100 year old grandma. We had a great time listening to the radio. This road-trip took us over the James River Bridge and on I-64 past Williamsburg. What were some of our favorite songs? Nelly's Hot in Here really had us jumping in our seat. It really was hot... over 100. Adele's Rolling in the Deep had us singing. Other good songs were Lady Gaga's The Edge of Glory and Bruce Springsteen's Born to Run.  We had some old songs and some new stuff to keep us company.
Do you have a favorite road-trip song?
Safe travels!

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