Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Embracing the 21st Century

I'm a little late joining the dance, but at least I'm here. After staying in the 20th century for an extra decade, I've finally upgraded to an entry-level smart phone, an i-Pod, an e-Reader, a Twitter account and now a blog. I also realized I might have a small addiction to texting and the Angry Birds phone app. That's okay right? This means my reflexes won't slow down as I age. I'm also stimulating my brain. All that's left is to dispose of the tube TV and get a high-definition, LED, flat-screen TV with 3D capabilities. Just kidding...I still haven't recovered from the day my VCR kicked the bucket.

Seriously, what I hope to accomplish is a successful introduction back into writing and into what gets the wheels spinning in my mind. I've named my blog Talks and Thoughts. In my Talks feature, I plan to compose conversations I've had or would love to have with family and friends, and dream chats with cultural or historical icons. My Thoughts feature allows me to leave comments, wishes or ideas on a topic of my choosing.

This is my trial period just to get my feet wet and to see if I have the dedication and wit it takes to be a blogger. I hope you'll join me on this journey for Tuesday Talks and Thursday Thoughts officially starting Tuesday, April 26th. Until then, keep embracing your inner talks and thoughts.



  1. Still working on getting a reader and I have no idea what Angry Bird is, LOL...

  2. Thanks for checking out my blog Steph. I'm sure you'll get an e-Reader soon. I'm still having a blast with my NookColor.

    As for Angry Birds, it's an addicting game I downloaded on my cell phone. Basically these green creatures found a birds nest. They somehow took an egg out and had a delicious dinner. The birds want revenge. With the game app, you are one of four types of birds (each with different powers). Your objective is to destroy the green creatures. Each bird is placed in a slingshot and catapulted to the dwelling of the green creatures. You get 5k points in the version I have for each green creature you destroy. It's fun to play during my bus ride to work. Here's a link so you can see the game in action.

  3. Cydania,

    Congratulations on your first blog post! Like Nikki I look forward to the 26th for your first Tuesday Talks post. Blogging is one of many great ways to find your writing voice. Cheers to you and to Talks and Thoughts!


  4. Thank you Nikki & Mia. I'm excited to be blogging.